We hope you just enjoyed an amazing holiday full of rest, relaxation and spending time with your friends and family. Matt and I were able to sneak away with our significant others for the holidays. We both enjoyed amazing food and great company. We are so thankful and blessed we both are able to take time off this year!


During the holidays, we like to thank our past, future and current clients in a really special way.  We recently just had our Annual Pie Giveaway Event where over 50+ people were given a free pie for Thanksgiving from The Matt Rhine Group. We team up with a local bakery in our area, Enchanted Cakes & Treats, for an amazing day of free pie goodness. We highly recommend you get on our mailing list so we can add you to the fun!


We had such a great turn out. So many participants have texted pictures with their pie/family selfies. We love it! But it sparked a very interesting debate between Matt and I. What is better?? Cake?? or Pie??


Seems like such a silly thing to debate but when we started asking our friends and family, the conversation grew heated! People were super passionate about cake over pie and pie over cake. Many of my family members laughed at me and said "Pie is a holiday thing, not an everyday treat." Others mentioned "Cake is the true winner and way more versatile!" Some disagreed and said  "Cake is only for birthdays!" With conviction, people were ready to go to war over which dessert was superior. I personally LOVE cake. If there is an event with no cake, it's not an event in my opinion. Bring on the calories!


What is YOUR opinion? Cake or Pie?? 


I hope you all had an amazing Holiday and we look forward to reconnecting for future events in December.